Care Information

General tips to extend the life of garments:

·         COLOR: To improve the color fastness of your clothing, add vinegar to the first wash load of dark colors for natural fibers or cotton/poly blends.

·         STAINS: To reduce permanent stains, treat as quickly as possible. Start by blotting or sponging the stain to remove as much as possible before treatment. Never rub the stain as it can cause the stain to spread or force the stain deeper into the fabric. Rubbing can also cause abrasion damage to the fabric.

·         WASHING: To reduce wear from washing, do not wash clean clothing. Excessive washing causes clothing to wear out faster, so wearing a garment multiple times before washing extends the life of the garment. To reduce snags and damage from washing, ensure that garments are completely closed up; zip-up all zippers, secure any hooks or loops, and close all snaps and buttons.

·         DRYING: To reduce heat damage from drying, hang dry your garments or dry flat. Heat and agitation in the dryer environment can cause clothing to wear out at an accelerated rate. If you do use a dryer, use the lowest heat setting advisable.