About Us

Over 15 years ago this awesome friendship was born between two dudes, Jeff and Chris. Call it an epic melding of minds as they both possess a great sense of humor and a love of KAYAKING! Right from the beginning, there was no doubt about it, this would be a friendship that will last a lifetime.

This brand was created by Jeff and one day he made this sticker and slapped on the back of his truck like a doctor slaps a baby’s bottom. “YAKIN’ OFF” for many of us this can mean very different things…. But when seen with a KAYAK strapped on (to your vehicle), all you KAYAK’ers will for sure get it!! These two guys took on the challenge of designing and trademarking their brand which quickly became reality and “Yakin’ Off” was born! They’ve worked hard to provide quality products and awesome customer service that will keep you coming back for all things Yakin’ Off! Whether it’s performance apparel, hats or decals for the KAYAK enthusiasts or for people who just enjoy Yakin’ Off, the message is clear… Enjoy each day, don’t take yourselves too seriously and keep Yakin’ Off!!

“Feel free to visit our site from time to time as we welcome you to share your stories and photos of your KAYAKing adventures across the country, or if you just wanna leave feedback on our apparel feel free to share your own ideas and/or funny stories, we want to hear from you!! From the Florida Keys to the California Coastline, there’s nothing better than YAKIN’ OFF!! - “Jeff & Chris “

Yakin’ Off

Est. 2017

Co-Founders and Buds for life…

Jeff Osweiler & Christopher Higginbotham